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Climb aboard an imaginary cruise ship to Hawaii, and get a birds eye view of what  tourist see in this 21 picture slide show of the magic islands, with beautiful Hawaiian music in background  7.80 MB





                          "American Beauty"

 A collection of 20 Pictures of American Beauty from the east coast to the west coast with musical background   9.75 MB






                                         "What Lies Beneath"

 15 Images of scary underwater creatures in a long slide   show with background music   3.40 MB







 A Collection 18 Pictures of Breathtaking landscape scenes all over the world with musical background   8.85 MB






                                         "Beautiful Beaches"

 A collection of 16 pictures of beautiful  beaches in a slide show,  with sounds of sea waves in back ground  6.8 MB







 15 pictures of beautiful mountain scenes all over the world with a musical background  7.4 MB






                                         "Earths Natural Wonders"

 15 Pictures of Earths Natural Wonders, Yellowstone national park,Mt Everest,The northern lites, volcanoes,and much more with music back ground 6.42 MB





                                    Our Special Edition TV Show Screen Savers

                                         "Deadliest Catch;"

 23 Pictures of the TV show The Deadliest Catch with pictures of the Captains and crews and the ships
they man with sea sounds in background. 6.30 MB






                                         "Ghost Adventures"

 A collection of 15 pictures of the TV show Ghost Adventures,, with Zak, Nick and Aaron, includes scenes from Paranormal locations with ghostly sounds in background  4.90 MB






                                         "Ghost Hunters"

 A 13 Picture collection of the tv show Ghost Hunters,with Jason,Grant, and crew, includes scenes from Paranormal locations with ghostly music in background  4.80 MB






                                         "A Tribute to Michael Jackson"

 A Tribute Collection of 14 Images to the King of Pop Michael Jackson with musical background 7.85 MB





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3D Savers 

Christmas Savers 

System Requirements:  

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 R

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"To mute Screen saver Sounds, press "F3" Key, other features such as pause and play are found in Hot Keys bottom of screen saver install. run. window.
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These screensavers are Freeware but not Public Domain. You may link to this page, but it is PROHIBITED to copy these files on a CD. All files are protected by copyright and can not be sold or redistributed in any form.